Tutorial: Security Camera Image (Photoshop CC)

  What you will be making: Open the image ….File > Open Direct Link: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:12072012_Jefferson_Memorial_04.jpg Make a copy of the image (CTRL + J) and name it Base Make a fisheye view of the picture and darken the edges Go to Filter > Lens Correction ….Click on the Custom Tab ….Distortion: -30 ….Vignette Amount: -100 Read more about Tutorial: Security Camera Image (Photoshop CC)[…]


Little Castle

I have always had a love for castles and one of the wishes in my bucket list is to visit Edinburgh Castle. I made this 3D model as a practice in game asset development. Tools: Blender 2.7 Little Castle by jsabbott on Sketchfab  


Tutorial: Gold Text (Photoshop CC)

What you will be making: Create a new project ….File > New (Width: 1000; Height: 500) Make sure your foreground color is a light gray (I used 959594) and using ALT + DEL fill the project with gray Choose the Horizontal Type Tool and open the Character Box to choose your text (I used: Cooper Read more about Tutorial: Gold Text (Photoshop CC)[…]