Tutorial: Illustrator CC Basics – Printing and Exporting

File Download: http://oldetinkererstudio.com/tutorials/illustrator-cc-basics/printing-exporting-tutorial.ai (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY)


In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to print your artwork in Illustrator.

Printing artwork to your own printer is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is go to File and choose Print. This will open up a dialogue box where you can make various selections regarding your print job.

In the first section of this dialogue box you have your presets and which printer you are using. In the next section you have your general options: number of copies, collation, order, and artboards. You also have the option of determining your media size and orientation. Directly underneath you have options for printing layers, placement, and scaling.

On the left you will notice still more options such as setting the Marks and Bleeds. You also have Output options such as emulsion or overprint. Under the Graphics options you can define your paths and your fonts. Color Management allows you to choose your color handling, printer profile, and rendering intent. Under the Advanced options you can choose to print as bitmap and you have overprint and transparency options.

The last section is the Summary. This section will show you everything that you have selected and provide any warnings. If you are satisfied with all of your choices you simply click Print to print out your artwork. (Since I will not be printing this artwork I will just hit Cancel.)


Now that we know how to print our artwork let’s learn how to save files for printing using a PDF.

Many commercial printers require PDFs in order to print the artwork. To save your artwork as a PDF, go to File and choose Save As. In the dropdown menu, choose Adobe PDF then click Save. You are then presented with a PDF dialogue box.

Here you can choose from options just as we did when we were printing the artwork ourselves. However, it is important to contact your commercial printer to ask if there is a specific preset they use so you can choose the correct set of parameters for that particular commercial printer. Once you have everything set up properly just simply click Save PDF and your PDF will be saved to your folder.


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