February 24, 2016

Tutorial: Banner Signature

  1. Create a new project
    ….File > New (Width: 470 Height: 170)
  2. Choose the Bucket Fill Tool and fill the background with black
  3. Go to Filters > Noise > HSV Noise
    ….Holdness: 8
    ….Hue: 0
    ….Saturation: 0
    ….Value: 255
  4. Go to Filters > Blur > Motion Blur
    ….Blur Type: Linear
    ….Length: 15
    ….Angle: 90
  5. Choose the Text Tool and type in your text
    ….Font: Rockwell Bold
    ….Size: 70
    ….Color: White
  6. Choose the Alignment Tool and click on your Text once
    ….Align Center of Target
    ….Align Middle of Target
  7. Right-click on the Text Layer and choose Alpha to Selection
  8. Add a new layer
    ….Name: Grow
    ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
  9. Go to Select > Grow and grow the selection by 3 pixels
  10. Choose the Bucket Fill Tool and set the foreground color to black
  11. Fill the selection with the foreground color
  12. Go to Select > None
  13. Move the Grow Layer below the Text Layer (use the green arrow)
  14. Right-click on the Text Layer and select Merge Down
  15. Go to Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow
    ….Offset X: 0
    ….Offset Y: 0
    ….Blur Radius: 30
    ….Color: # 0000bd (or a color of your choice)
    ….Size: 100
    ….Allow Resizing: Unchecked
  16. Lower the Opacity of the Grow Layer to 80
  17. Add a new layer
    ….Name: Splatter
    ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
  18. Choose a color for the splatters on the signature (I used: 01518a)
  19. Choose the Paintbrush Tool and paint on some splatters over the signature
  20. Change the Splatter Layer’s Opacity to 50%
  21. Go to Image > Merge Visible Layers
  22. Choose the Rectangular Select Tool
    ….Tool Options:
    ……..Rounded Corners with a Radius of 30
  23. Draw a rectangle from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner of the Signature
  24. Choose the Eraser Tool
  25. Go to Select > Invert
  26. Use the Eraser Tool to erase the corners of the selection
  27. Go to Select > None

NOTE: If you want the transparent background to remain you must export the image as a PNG

Final Render: