January 29, 2016

Tutorial: Photoshop-Style Icon

      1. Create a new project
        ….File > New (Width: 500 Height: 500)
      2. Change the foreground color to a light blue (I used # 2ba8ff)
      3. Change the background color to a dark blue (I used # 01518a)
      4. Choose the Blend (Gradient) Tool
        ….Gradient: FG to BG RGB
        ….Shape: Linear
      5. Drag the gradient from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner
      6. Choose the Text Tool and type out your text (I used Sans; 375 pixels; White)
      7. Choose the Alignment Tool and click on your Text once
        ….Align Center of Target
        ….Align Middle of Target
      8. Duplicate the Text Layer
      9. Choose the Text Tool, highlight the duplicated Text and change the color to black
      10. Move the Duplicated Text Layer beneath the Original Text Layer (use the green down arrow)
      11. Make the Duplicated Text Layer active and choose the Move Tool
        ….Tool Options: Move the Active Layer
      12. Move the Duplicated Text Layer down and to the right of the Original Text Layer
      13. Go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur
        ….Blur Radius Horizontal: 60
        ….Blur Radius Vertical: 60
      14. Add a new layer
        ….Name: Border
        ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
      15. Choose the Rectangle Select Tool and draw a box around the inside of your background and choose the width of your border
      16. Go to Select > Invert
      17. Choose a Foreground Color for your border (I used #2294e5)
      18. Choose the Bucket Fill Tool
        ….Fill Type: FG Color Fill
        ….Click inside your border selection to fill it with the foreground color
      19. Go to Select > None

Final Render: