February 10, 2016

Tutorial: Shattered Image

  1. Create a new project
    ….File > New (make the size 100 pixels larger than your image)
    ……..If you are using the image provided make the project 1990 pixels wide and 1320 pixels high
    ….Make your background default white (or use the Bucket Fill Tool to change the color to white)
  2. Insert the image and center it on the document
    ….File > Open as Layers
    ….Direct Link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Fargo_train_station_1939_LOC_fsa_8a11053.jpg
  3. To resize the image choose your Scale Tool and click once on the image
    ….To maintain the proper proportions make sure the chains are linked together
    ….If you are using the provided image key 1889 in the Width field and hit enter
    ….Click on Scale
  4. Click on the Alignment Tool and click on the image once
    ….Align Center of Target
    ….Align Middle of Target
  5. Right click on the Image Layer and select Add Layer Mask
    ….Select Black (full transparency) and click Add
    ….Your image will appear to disappear but that is exactly what we want to happen
  6. Make a square brush in your Brushes Dialog
    ….If you do not see this dialog box go to Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Brushes
    ….Click on Create a New Brush
    ….Choose the Square Shape and use the following settings
    ……..Radius: 5
    ……..Spikes: 2
    ……..Hardness: 1
    ……..Aspect Ratio: 1
    ………Angle: 0
    .……..Spacing: 20
  7. Under your Paintbrush Tool Options check the box next to Apply Jitter and the Amount to 5
    ….We want to apply jitter so when we use the brush it will not apply the brush strokes in a smooth action but will instead scatter the brush strokes according to the square brush settings
    ….Change the Size of your brush as needed
  8. Change your foreground color to white and start painting over your image
    ….If you want to re-apply the layer mask in a certain area choose black as your foreground color and paint over the area you wish to hide
  9. When you are finished painting right-click on the Image Layer and choose Apply Layer Mask
  10. Add a drop-shadow to the image
    ….Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow
    ….(I used the defaults and unchecked Allow Resizing)
  11. Move the Drop Shadow with the Move Tool until you are satisfied with the results

Final Render: