March 16, 2016

Tutorial: Shiny Gloss Button

  1. Create a new project
    ….File > New (Width: 640 Height: 400)
  2. Choose the Rectangle Select Tool
    …..Tool Options:
    ……..Rounded Corners with a Radius of 20
  3. Draw out a rounded rectangle on the background from the upper-left to the lower-right
  4. Go to Select > Save to Channel
  5. Click on the Layers Tab
  6. Add a new layer
    ….Name: Black
    ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
  7. Make the Foreground Color black and choose the Bucket Fill Tool and fill the selection in with black
  8. Add a new layer
    ….Name: Feather
    ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
  9. Go to Select > Feather
    ….Feather the selection by 200
  10. Change the foreground color to red (I used # 9b0000)
  11. Choose the Bucket Fill Tool and fill the selection in with red
  12. Open the Channels Dialog Box
  13. Make the Selection Mask Copy active
  14. Choose the Replace the selection with this channel (red square)
  15. Click on the Layers Tab and make the Feather Layer active
  16. Go to Select > Invert
  17. Hit DELETE on the keyboard and the overflow red color will be deleted from the background
  18. Go to Select > Invert
  19. Choose the Ellipse Select Tool
  20. Drag an ellipse about half-way down the button (Make sure to begin outside the border of the background)
  21. Go to Select > Shrink and shrink the selection by 3 pixels
  22. Choose the Blend (Gradient) Tool
    ….Foreground Color: White
    ….Gradient: FG to Transparent
    ….Shape: Linear
  23. Add a new layer
    ….Name: Gradient
    ….Layer Fill Type: Transparency
  24. Press the CTRL key on the keyboard and stroke the gradient (start just above the selection and end just below the selection)
  25. Go to Select > None
  26. Choose the Text Tool and type out the text (I used Font: Sans; Size: 175; Color: black)
  27. Choose the Alignment Tool and click on your Text once
    ….Align Center of Target
    ….Align Middle of Target
  28. Move the Gradient Layer to the top (use the green up arrow)

*NOTE: If you want a transparent background for the button, delete the Background Layer and export the file as a PNG

Final Render: